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Below are examples of agilityflow use including, but not limited to.

The platform is an open canvas and can be customized with any flow, process or report.

Human Resources

  • PTO Scheduling
  • Reimbursement request
  • Hiring Approval
  • Selection process
  • Bonus Approval
  • Research and Evaluation


  • Sales Funnel
  • Budget
  • Proposal Submission
  • Opportunity Tracking
  • Customer Rating
  • Discount Approval

Purchasing / Supplies

  • Import and Export
  • Goods request
  • Purchase Approval
  • Registration and approval of suppliers
  • Price

IT And Service Desk

  • Access request for new users
  • Network access lock
  • Ticket Opening
  • Equipment Request
  • IT Development and Services Request


  • Route Approval
  • Freight Approval
  • Registration and approval of vessel scheduling
  • Registration and approval of carriers and cars
  • Delivery Request
  • Boarding Approval


  • Letter of attorney approval
  • Contract Approval
  • Contract Addendum Request
  • Document Repository
  • Digital Encyclopedia (Library)
  • Tracking and Timekeeping


  • Bills to pay
  • Bills to receive
  • Expense and revenue forecast
  • Financial result
  • Credit / Loan Application and Approval
  • Refund Approval
  • Invoicing


  • Campaign Budget Approval
  • Media Plan Approval
  • Campaign Approval
  • Project and Campaign Briefing
  • Shipping material to customer
  • Shipping material to supplier

Project management

  • Task Tracking
  • Resource allocation
  • Timesheet
  • Profitability by Project
  • Material Delivery to Customer
  • Material Delivery to Supplier

Health / Clinic

  • Doctors Register
  • Patient Registration
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Exam Schedule and Request
  • Registration and consultation of results
  • Anamnesis
  • Medical record

Health / Fitness / Wellness

  • Progress Reports
  • Request for clinical examinations
  • Service Registration / Comments
  • Customer / Patient Registration
  • Exercise Register
  • Sending and demonstrating cardio and aerobic exercises
  • Plans and write-off


  • Guest Registration
  • Accreditation
  • Supplier Registration and Control
  • Control and registration of staff
  • Material Receipt
  • Gift Delivery and Control
  • Satisfaction survey


  • Work budget
  • Budget Control
  • Construction monitoring
  • Supplier Control
  • Expense Report
  • Material Delivery and Receipt

Retail / Supermarkets

  • Exchange Request
  • Stock
  • Expired Product Control
  • Product Requisition
  • Order withdrawal schedule
  • Ecommerce Integration


  • Meeting Room Scheduling
  • Notary Service Request
  • Agilityflow is dynamic and simple for creating any flow and process.


A tool that you, without technical knowledge, build in minutes what took months to go into production.

According to survey

Economic impact using fast deployment platforms


source: Forrester Research, similar low-code apps


Platform Features

Create forms, step workflows, approval flows, controls, reports, and more.

Drag and Drop tool for creating forms with a number types of fields. Customize fields, validations, masks and also define all your business rules in a simple way.

Tool to model the steps of a business process of your company (Requests, requisitions, tables, etc.).

Create the business rules that are tied to your process, associate those in charge, and get started.

The platform manages all communication between those responsible for each step, sending emails and notifications.

Tool for creating a multi-person approval flow.

The platform allows users to approve or reject a document through a stepped form

The platform manages all communication between those responsible for each step, sending emails and notifications.

Tool for creating printable or PDF documents by dragging and dropping the fields and data available in your forms.

The Tool follows a style similar to the formatting features of Microsoft Office Word and Googles Docs.

Preenchimento automático de formulários através da leitura automatizada de documentos, como Imagens e PDFs .

Pode ser usado para dar entrada de dados no sistema, leitura e validação de contratos, ler automaticamente notas fiscais e muito mais.

Você pode utilizar também apenas para transformar documentos que estão no formato de imagem, PDF ou escaneados em textos editáveis.

Keep your security centralized by using the same network login using Active Directory (AD) or Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) integration.

All information is stored and protected in our cloud server.

Each client has its own separate database instance. There is no third-party access to the database without your permission.

You can set automatic actions for your forms and flows.

Through conditionals, you can perform various pre-defined actions, such as sending emails, creating and filling forms, approving flows or continuing a process.

Tool to create reports for your users simply by dragging and dropping components such as Charts, tables, labels, etc. Customize the presentation of reports to your users by changing colors, text, placement, etc.

In creating a report you will need a little knowledge in data analysis for queries in your database.

Create REST APIs for integration with other systems. Through this tool you can create APIs that populate your forms and or streams with data from external systems.

Or you can create APIs that make data that is available on your Agilityflow platform to other systems.

Create different visualizations for your forms. Through kanban you can view the data divided into different lists and drag the data between them.

In some specific cases where our platform is not ready for what you need, you can custom it your way using the most popular languages ​​like like HTML, Javascript, CSS, ASP.NET, C# and SQL, and can connect Agilityflow with its APIs and Web Services.

If you do not have this knowledge or do not have a professional in your company who can help you, we can do it for you..

The platform is designed to work on any device, be it a computer, tablet or mobile phone.

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Some companies that have improved their efficiency

"Agilityflow has fit like a glove in my daily activities. I can control the entire import process from end to end, all in one place, from vessel dispatching to financial control. Indispensable for me."
Thais Ramos
Coordinator, Campo Rico
“In my business, every mistake costs a lot of money and the centralized control I have after Agilityflow has been a watershed”.
Raphael Fialho
CEO do Certidão Na Mão

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